2 things I need help with…

  1. When the new season ticket expires, will published maps be UNpublished? (Super sad if yes)
  2. Would it be illegal for me to make a Harry Potter theme map? I already started, but I realized there might be laws/rules/guidelines against that.

Thank y’all

You can’t make outside references in gimkit maps. And I don’t think that your published maps will get deleted… idk

Your map will not be unpublished, you just can’t edit it until you re-purchase the ticket, and it is, and is not allowed to make a harry potter themed map. You just have to credit the Author(J.K. Rowling). But I would email hello@gimkit.com just for conformation.


Ok this sounds really bad, but like, what would happen if I did? Cuz I see FNAF, HP, Percy Jackson, historical, etc maps all the time. -_-

Allowed or not allowed?

You can, but to prevent copyright infrengment you have to credit the original book, game, author, movie, etc.

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You need to credit them, then its allowed, no credit, not allowed. Make sense?

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Gotcha, thanks :slight_smile:


No problem. Do you have any other questions on this topic?


You have to put letter, no numbers or symbols can be inbetween <>.

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That’s not how it works lol. You need permission from the author of the book. And even then, gimkit won’t allow it because it’s rather platform, and they don’t want to sort through expensive legal battles because of copyright infringement.

That is why I said email gimkit about that, but what if the author is not alive? or the company is to big and won’t respond? You credit the company/author. If it gets taken down you can ask. But most likely it won’t get removed.

The rules explicitly state that you are not allowed to add other people’s things to your map. This includes harry potter and other books, whether or not the author is alive. This is gimkit’s policy about posting on gimkit’s discovery page.

Ok, but what if I made it, like, an obvious knock off (ex: The Adventures of Magic boy) lol. Or Gary Porter and the Smart Man’s Rock?

IDK, I made a bunch so far and I would be kinda disappointed to delete it all

Yeah that’s ok.

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Cool… Thanks

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no direct references though

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