2 questions for my racing map

  1. How can you make a player immune, besides when they respawn?
  2. Which 3 gadgets have the fastest speed?

I don’t know the first one, but the gadgets are probably slingshot, zapper and wand?

  1. Can’t you do co-op mode or if not can’t you do a health granter that grants 200 health/shield every second
  2. Blaster, Slingshot, Snowball Launcher/Wooden Wand

Not the slingshot, more like the zapper, wand and blaster.

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If he’s doing a powerup that grants immunity then, NO, only if you want the player to be immune for the ENTIRE GAME

Do you mean “reload speed” or “bullet speed”

  1. It’s impossible without spawn immunity, try this guide, it only works for tagging btw, no gadgets. 2. Zapper, snowball launcher, wand, and blaster. Snowball launcher is the fastest weapon in the game.

Probably both.

Bullet speed

What’s that?

when you go into settings and set it to cooperative

Zone- gadget fire disabled
I think p.m.l, zapper and ??

Then you need to set up zones across the MAP.

Yes, or you could change the teams on map options to co-operative.

Can you minus health/shield the same way?

no we don’t have a negative health granter
cough, cough JEFF

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