2 overlays on same side

Are you able to make 2 overlays that are on the same side, like “Top Right” or “Top Left”. When I do that, it just shows one of them, not both, even though I put it to show on “Top Left”.

I’ll go offline now, so any replys help :DD

You can use 2 separate overlays. but there is no option to show an overlay in 2 seperate locations.

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that would work

I am trying to make the 2 separate overlays, that track an item, to show up on the top right. When I did that, it only showed 1 of them.

That’s because you can’t have two overlays at the same location, but you can have them at the same side like top left, top right, etc.

However, you could try to make alternating overlays by replacing the “tracked item” overlay and change it to be a button.
For the Item Tracking, place an Inventory Item Manager, go to the “property” tab and make it update your chosen (numerical) property.
Now, create a channel in the property’s “when property value changed, transmit on.”
Then, go to your Game Overlay.
Create a new block that runs when receiving on that chosen channel you created in the property.
It should look like this:

Set Text | Create Text With | Get Property "[Item]Count"
[Name of Item]

If you want to make another “Tracked Item” overlay, repeat the steps above.

Wire the Game Overlays to hide themselves when pressed (via a wire repeater) and to show the other Game Overlay.

(Game Overlay 1) Button Pressed —> (Wire Repeater 1) Repeat the wire pulse!

(Wire Repeater 1) Wire Pulse Repeated —> (Game Overlay) Hide Overlay

(Wire Repeater 1) Wire Pulse Repeated —> (Game Overlay 2) Show Overlay

(Game Overlay 2) Button Pressed —> (Wire Repeater 2)

(Wire Repeater 2) Wire Pulse Repeated —> (Game Overlay 2) Hide Overlay

(Wire Repeater 2) Wire Pulse Repeated —> (Game Overlay 1) Show Overlay