2 lives on game start

Hello everyone does anyone know how to make a specific team have two lives on game start? Also happy February

Try making a health granter and when the player is reaching low health, use the health granter to make the player have more health. When that happens, make a popup or notification saying that you have a second life, be careful, it’s your last one!

I am still trying to figure out how to make it on game starts, but if this is helpful, make sure to mark a solution, unless someone else has a solution, you can mark theirs!

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maybe use properties? have where it starts out at 2 and everytime a player dies it decreases and when it reaches zero…whatever ya want to happen happens…just set scopes to player

@Legobuilder is correct. You have a property called lives with a scope of player, and when the player dies you change the lives by -1. If lives = 0, then do whatever. At the beginning of the game you run a trigger saying: If on team 1, set lives to 2, elsewise set lives to 1

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