11 Stereotypes in the Gimkit Forums that are allowed and NOT allowed

I just need to find time to actually be active here…
And thanks - I don’t think I’m the most knowledgeable about GMC mechanics, but I’m glad that other people seem to find my ideas useful :]


Yeah, but you have, in my opinnion, the most responsibility and self-control than anyone else here. Sadly, based on knowledge I would only rank you 7th, but that isn’t bad.



The only thing is GuideMakers get bored after sometime and then hate making guides.


You cannot get leader on this forum since the staff here don’t go out and promote regulars into leaders.
Leader can only be granted through manual promotion.


Too bad probably none of us are going to be one.


Bump, Then bump, then bump, then-
i forgor

Why is this a PSA?

To let new users new about this.

A psa is more like an important announcement about something though

Time to strip some guides of PSAs.

Isn’t this just not being a jerk online + a few types of helpers?

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Thank you for saying this. There are a lot more simpler ways of describing some things.

i tried my best.


You did do pretty good on this and I like it, just saying it doesn’t fit that much as a psa, which doesn’t mean it’s bad.

I’ll remove it, i guess.

wonder what stereotype am i?..

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Who was ever a nostalgic member?

It’s more of a small issue with some people than a person (sort of)