1 text bug very confusing

Why whenevery this random text appears, and you hover over it for half a second, you’re screen goes like this

The gam works perfectly fine if you avoid it but why does this happen?

This only happens to vending machines. Crazy part is, this was a bug that stayed when Creative came out. No one even reported it.

That is just a Game over load screen rehost your game and it should be fine. Its nothing mager.

It has been, but you can get it from to much game traffic, lag, or spam of any device.


Yeah, it’s the same screen that you get after the popup-questioner error.

See, and yes even the president of the United states knows how bad my grammar is.

  • literally —> even

** president

*** remove “see and yes”

**** knows

***** Capitalize States

Stupid auto correct.

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